raw. technically speaking. 

WTF is raw anyway?! To make it simple raw means not cook, or in chocolatey terms: the cacao is not roasted. 

Soo now you wanna know how hot can a cacao bean get before it is official roasted, i.e. not raw anymore? Viktoras Kulvinskas, an influential and pioneering leader in the raw food world, found that once food is dried (think dried fruit vs fresh fruit), the temperature of the food could go as high as 150 degrees before the enzymes were destroyed (ps: raw/not-raw is discussed around enzymes being alive and kicking or dead as a door knob) . Kulvniska's testing method was basic: heating food then trying to sprout said food. If the food sprouted it meant that the food was still raw at the temperature it was heated too. #prettysmart.

We're gonna throw the following into the conversation too. Cacao beans get fermented, which is a MAGICAL process, well fermentation in general is MAGICAL. Do you know this? You should know this. If you don't, google it. The origins of eating cacao, a.k.a, theobroma (its lesser know Latin name), a.k.a FOOD OF THE GODS (Latin translation), is a mystery. What we do know is that ever since cacao's documented possible beginning, it has been consumed as a fermented food. Read: magic


Why are we talking about fermentation again?

Well, most people don't know that chocolate is a fermented food. So if you're trying to add more fermented foods to your life, then eat chocolate! The other reason fermentation has come up is because the cacao beans are heated during the fermentation process.  

Moving along, even though we have the best instagram on the planet, we don't have all the answers. At the same time, we are committed to the continual practice of mastering and re-mastering the art of chocolate making. Mastery of chocolate comes through, open minds, creativity, thoughtfulness, being relevant and eating a very very healthy amount of chocolate. Seriously, go check out our insta, say hi and let us know your thoughts in this conversation;)