Raw chocolate is a reverence for creaminess, possibility and ecology. Creativity, innovative play, laughter and movement are the infused flavors.

Raw chocolate is a carefully chaotic celebration of life! Cunningly absent of refined sugar, dairy and additives, its the highest antioxidant food source we know. All the ingredients are in their natural state - crafted at low temperatures to keep the flavor, nutrients and vitality of this celebrated food alive and buzzing.



We're particularly fond of creatively intoxicating your palate by crafting raw cacao with other raw discoveries.

All our chocolates are hand made in small batches. Special attention is given to our ingredients. We've explored many places and eaten a lot of chocolate to find the finest quality cacao beans, nectars and spices.



We like that our chocolate is grown in naturally nutrient-rich soil. And that all the visceral, floral, fruity and complex flavors are pure and healthy. This is why the ingredients of FINE & RAW are organic or wildcrafted.

Organic and wildcrafted ideas celebrate diversity of ecology and food culture. We're excited to be involved in this and help find solutions for sharing healthier, more vital chocolate with our communities and future generations.



Science has recently been able to explain why eating chocolate is good.

Cacao has been report to have these benefits:

  • #1 food source of antioxidants
  • #1 food source of magnesium
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) - the compound which scientists believe is released when you're in love
  • Anandamide - the ‘bliss chemical’
  • Tryptophan – the precursor to serotonin.
  • MAO Inhibitors – allows more serotonin to flow in your body. read: more fun
  • Appetite suppresant & aphrodisiac

None of the above statements have been evaluated by the FDA, although they told us they really love chocolate.